About Ghostgods

This unique photo collection offers individual pieces that are challenging how we look and see the everyday surroundings in the streets. The way the mind can be programmed to see things in things and see in certain ways.

This collection of Pareidolia or images composed of objects are a perfect foil for our ability to receive authentic information in a time of fake news, deep fakes and digital simulation. How do we decide to trust information that we see or hear when we know sources can be biased, politically motivated and augmented?

In this unique photo collection the artist manages to capture the shift between what is recognisable but also foreign upon inspection. Whether one can see a devil, the truth or even believe what we see is left to the spectator.

Artist BIO

18″x 6″
128″ x 12″
138″ x 12″
158″ x 12″
168″x 6″Info
178″x 6″
228″x 6″Info
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Slimnics Ghostgods Framed